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Facial Fillers

Radiesse, Boletero, Juvaderm, Voluma

Fillers can lessen deep wrinkles and restore facial volume to your cheeks, chin & jaw line. Ask us about the Filler Face Lift 

Eyelid & Facial Surgery

Minimally invasive facial surgery can create spectacular, natural looking results. The key is restoring positions and posture, not just removing tissues which creates deformity. Bring back youth with our Brow, Eyelid & Midface Lift!

Injectable Botulinum Toxin

Botox & Xeomin

Although known for removing wrinkles, Botox can selectively paralyze downward pulling muscles to create both brow elevation and symmetry. Our specialty is this Liquid Brow Lift 


Very knowledgeable. So happy with the results as well as the high level of service and care I received!

- Kristi K, Verified

Great doctor, would highly recommend!

- Rita F., Verified

Very professional and made sure that his work was precise.

- Deborah C., Verified

95% Patients Would Recommend Dr. Nassif


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John M Nassif, MD FACS
Oculoplastic &

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Valerie Legere
Administrator, Patient Counselor, Surgical Assistant

Susan Bell
IntegraLife Spa Owner

Licensed Esthetician

Tara Willaert
Patient Counselor

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